Dribble, Pass, Shoot and Score

What is Dribble, Pass, Shoot and Score?

Dribble, Pass, Shoot & Score emphasizes the three most important fundamental skills of soccer: dribbling, passing and shooting. Participants go through a series of three drills in an attempt to achieve a perfect score. The points scored from all three events are added together for a cumulative total.

1. Slalom Dribble

Each participant gets one attempt at dribbling through the course as the stopwatch ticks. The total score is recorded in tenths of a second and converted into points. Faster is better, but you have to keep control!

2. Passing

Each player attempts three passes, from ten yards away, through a line of flags. Each space between the flags-or zone-is worth a different amount of points. The narrower the zone, the more points it is worth. Do you play it safe, or do you go for the big points?

3. Scoring

Each participant attempts three shots from either eight (8) or twelve (12) yards from goal (depending on age). Each shot is taken on a regulation-sized goal with a target net that designates point totals for each zone. Pick the easy shot for the sure points, or try and hit the upper 90 for a big payoff!

A participant's final score is his or her cumulative total for the three individual events.

For more information, please contact Coach Ed Walkley at CoachWalkley@aol.com or 704-375-8114.

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