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At Zoom Sports International we specialize in "small-sided soccer" as a means to teach beginner soccer players the basics of soccer dribbling, passing, and shooting, without the confusion of playing on a very large field with 10 other players. Instead of having 11 players on the field at a time, a team will send out three, four, or five players, depending on the team's playing level and ages of the players.

Leagues play small-sided soccer (3 v. 3 and 4 v. 4) with their youngest players to focus on the simple and basic aspects of soccer. Young players cannot see more than one or two teammates, and the basic building blocks of soccer involve triangle passing and small numbers of players. With fewer players on each team, players can learn the fundamental concepts of passing, spacing and scoring. Small-sided soccer allows coaches to pay more attention to individual players during games and while at practice.

When leagues used to play full-sided games with younger children, the bunching of players throughout the game was inevitable and prevented the children from learning anything constructive about passing, spacing and field positions. Small-sided soccer was created to simplify the more complex aspects of soccer so younger players can learn and play based on rules that are within their realm of understanding.


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