Welcome to Zoom Sports International!

Zoom Sports International, Inc. was developed out of a love for soccer and sports in general. It is our desire to promote the sport of soccer and to give children the opportunity to play the game and to experience the game on many surfaces, (such as sand). We want to keep it affordable for teams to be able to play.

With our portable system, we are able to set it up virtually anywhere, on any surface. This allows us to use our "Portable Speed Soccer Park" to promote many businesses and organizations in our community and around the world. The opportunity is available for us to promote your business or organization at a nominal fee and at the same time, you will gain an incomparable recognition in your community, by collaborating with us to sponsor tournaments.

There may also be an opportunity to purchase a "Zoom Sports" franchise for a venue in your area. We will only align ourselves with those of integrity and those who want to help their community while growing their own business.

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